You should play the time you want to play

I asked my 7-year old son a simple #blog4reform question: If you could change school so that you’d love to be there, what would you do?


Here’s what he said before going back to drawing:

Don’t tell people how long they should write their sentences. Let them pick out what they want to write so they might have longer sentences.


1. Let people read for the time they want to read.

2. Let kids choose how many sheets of homework they have to do.

3. You should play the time you want to play and be nice to the other people.

4. Art is fun, so we should learn more at school.

5. People should pick the reading groups they want to go to and go to a different one next time.

6. People should use Legos. You could teach with them. You could put magnets on them and teach about North and South by building things.

7. Kids should be able to draw when they want to draw. I draw all the time on my tests when I’m bored.

8. Kids should able to get in groups and write books on the topic they want. They could do a comic.

9. You shouldn’t send kids to the principal’s office. You should give them more chances to say sorry, and if sorry doesn’t work you should do whatever to help the person you hurt so that they aren’t sad and they don’t hurt you.


Sign me up; evaluate me against this.