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The Evaluation (2013)

From the author’s note:

The Evaluation is a near-future, science-fiction
meditation on the state of teaching in the United States. It
is also—to a lesser and more personal extent—my
mediation on the future of professional development,
teacher leadership, and storytelling about public
education. In experimenting with quasi-long-form fiction
in The Evaluation, I hope to push myself into taking new
kinds of stances and actions against the standardization of
schools, the infantilization of teaching and learning, and
the commodification and punishment of our young
people’s lives.

You can find the .pdf here, and Bethany Nowviskie has graciously shared out other electronic and e-reader formats here.

“The License” (2013)

“The License” is a short story about gamifying test results, licensing lifelong learning, and staffing schools to maintain the status quo.

Recent workshops


Laura Hilliger from the Mozilla Foundation visited our classroom earlier this year. Here’s a project-based learning and webmaker mash-up video she made featuring our room and student voices.

I joined Rafi Santo for his Connected Learning TV conversation about hacker literacies.

Here is my Ignite Talk from #dml12 – something about an arrow in the knee:

Whenever time allows, I love to join Paul Allison’s Teachers Teaching Teachers webcast. Here’s an episode on Minecraft:


Pipe dreams

  • Here’s a white paper sketch I wrote for a friend at a tech foundation; it’s about mobile- and paper-mediated web-making.
  • If we share a passion for bringing democracy and play to our public schools, and if you have a project or post in need of illustration, I would love to work with you under some kind of time-bank arrangement.

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