My Popcorn #teachtheweb introduction 2

In tackling our #teachtheweb week one tasks, I put together this video collage of my work, teaching, and making. I hope it gives some insight into how I think of learning, what I like to make, and how my sense of humor works (or not).

I hope you’ll check out #teachtheweb and join in the free and open learning about webmaking in community!

2 thoughts on “My Popcorn #teachtheweb introduction

  1. Reply Kevin Hodgson May 2, 2013 6:17 am

    Thanks for helping to show the way forward, Chad. Love all the ways you bring the visual into the mix (even the joy puke). I had a frustrating experience with Popcorn but see the potential value. What has been your impression? (I know you have worked with it more than I have).

    • Reply Chad May 4, 2013 9:07 pm

      I am not too experienced with Popcorn, but I find it a cool tool for synthesizing a base layer with a bunch of satellite layers. What is perhaps best about the Webmaker tools is Mozilla’s determination to keep adding features in response to users’ requests. I would encourage all of us to keep track of what we love and what we might want and to share both of those things with the Mozillians on #teachtheweb.

      I asked a student to try it out, and I loved how thrilled he was remixing a few of his own videos. Maybe we teacherly types should just put it in kids’ hands :)

      I’m so happy to follow your work on #teachtheweb!

      All the best,

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