Gifting the future in schools

we activated the trigon. by kappuru

we activated the trigon. by kappuru

I’m something of a sucker for halfway decent novels about people and video games. Reamde. Ready Player One. Level Up. My favorite: Lucky Wander Boy.

I just started Austin Grossman’s You. I can’t even tell you what it’s about. The cover looks like Sword & Sworcery, which I haven’t finished, but which apparently strikes an aesthetic chord in my heart.

Anyway, right now in You the narrator is thinking back to 1978 when his school let all of the kids take 15-minute turns messing around on the school’s new (first?) computer. No one – adults included – can do much with it,

But it was probably the most generous and the most humble gesture I received from an adult in the sixteen-year duration of my schooling. The woman was simply leaving us alone with our future, the future she wouldn’t be part of. She didn’t know how to do it or what it was, but she was trying to give it to us.

This week, as I teach, I’ll be thinking about what it means to gift my kids the future.

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