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While President Obam calls for more education spending in the 2012 federal budget, the deal reached last week to fund the rest of the 2010-11 budget cuts more money from the Department of Education.

With earmarks eliminated and the Department of Education losing money this year, it’s imperative that we convince members of Congress to legislate the reinstatement of 2011 funds for the National Writing Project this week.

Before Congress finalizes the 2011 budget, and as it prepares for 2012′s budget fight, please continue your support for the National Writing Project by contacting your members of Congress and new members of both the House and Senate. Please use email, phone calls, blog posts, and tweets to offer them information about the NWP, a program that defies the stereotypes of pop #edreform and has – for decades – delivered real innovation ad results in the classroom and across the curriculum.

Here is a list of members of Congress on Twitter.

Here is a list of new GOP members of Congress on Twitter.

We need allies and champions in the house from both sides of the political divide to recognize, value, and reinstate federal funding for the NWP. Please advance our cause not only with your own representatives, but with two, or three, or five – or all – new members of Congress.

I, for one, will be sending tweets and submitting emails to several new members of Congress with links to a few posts that I hope will move them to reconsider cutting the NWP. For a relatively small investment of federal money, any Congress member who supports the NWP can say that he or she has compromised on the budget to support a key educational program.

Thank you again, #blog4nwp community, for uniting in support of the NWP.

This week we can impact the budget for FY 2011; in the coming months I know we’ll find ways to campaign hard for NWP funding in FY 2012, as well. Thank you for your exemplary citizenship – and excelsior.

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